Yes you can! Our search/filter enables you to really filter down through your recipes to find the exact one you're looking for!

  1. From the main screen click on 'My Recipes' 
  2. In the top right hand corner next to the search icon is the filter icon, tap on that
  3. This will bring in the filter options from the side of the page, here you will be able to apply your filters
  4. Tap on the tag which you would like to filter by, as you can see your tags list will decrease to those that are available to further filter down by. For example if you have selected the tag 'Dinner' you can now select another tag, for example 'Vegetarian' CookBook is now only showing you your recipes that have both tags. 
  5. Tap the tick icon to the left of the title 'FILTER RECIPES to set your filter and hide the box
  6. As shown in the top bar you will see how many recipes are being displayed from the total amount of recipes you have and how many filters you have applied.
  7. To clear the filters tap the filter icon or the filter bar and hit the 'X' to the right of the title 'FILTER RECIPES', confirm ok to clear your filters. All filters will now be reset