To add meals to your shopping list you need to go through the meal planner. 

In the future we do plan on incorporating a way to add recipes straight to the shopping list without going via the meal planner however this is not yet available.

  1. Navigate to the recipe you'd like to shop for
  2. Underneath the recipe title, click the calendar icon that says 'PLAN'
  3. Select the day you'd like to cook this meal and tap the + button (if you do not want to plan your week just select any day). Select the appropriate meal slot.
  4. Scale your servings if necessary and add any additional notes which you'd like to display on the shopping list.
  5. Tap Save
  6. Do this for all other recipes which you'd like to shop for
  7. Head into the meal planner via either the home page or side menu
  8. Tap the shopping basket icon
  9. On the dates button select the date range which you entered your meals into.
  10. If you would like to add any additional items to your shopping list i.e cleaning products, tap the 'add extra items' button. See the help icon on how to enter items with headers.
  11. Once you're done, tap 'Get grocery list'
  12. CookBook will automatically place your ingredients into aisles (to the best of its knowledge). If you wish to delete any items tap in the circle and they will display with a strike through, if you would like them to hide completely, tap on the eye icon in the top left corner.