To use the OCR feature in the mobile app, you must do the following, please see screenshots attached for reference.

  1. Tap 'Add Recipe' (on the homepage or side menu)
  2. Select 'Scan from image (OCR)'
  3. Then 'Add photo' or 'Select PDF page'
  4. Once you've got a photo or PDF loaded, you can select the area that represents the data for that recipe section. 
  5. First up is the title, use the big blue square in the bottom right hand corner of the drag box to resize the box, to move the selection box around, press and hold your finger down then move your finger around your screen to move the box. You can also move the photo around by doing the same tap, hold and move motion. 
  6. Once you have moved the selection box over the title (see screenshot No.1) hit next.
  7. As shown in screenshot No.2 you can either tap the photo you already uploaded to select a new section on that photo, or upload another picture if that section of the recipe is on a different page.
  8. Once you have either tapped the previous photo or added another one, follow the same steps as before using the selector tool to select the relevant info for the tab you're on (as shown at the bottom of the screen i.e description, ingredients, steps).
  9. Do this for all sections you wish to select for your recipe. Please note if you have ingredients or steps in two columns, you will need to make two selections (one of each column) by using the select more button as shown in screenshot No.3
  10. Tap 'Finish' once you've finished selecting all areas for all sections you wish to add
  11. The OCR tool will then extract and convert the words in the picture to text for your recipe.
  12. You will now see a large text box with a tab at the bottom, one for ingredients and one for method. 
  13. Generally the output will need a small amount of editing from you afterwards to make it perfect however the tool does the vast majority for you! See the 'help' button to see how you best to lay these out
  14. Once you've tidied the recipe up, tap 'Import'
  15. This will open the recipe with the imported information into your CookBook!

PLEASE NOTE: We are aware of the issue with certain fractions such as 1/4 that do not convert correctly - we apologise for this and have logged this issue with Google, our OCR provider)